All-In-One Web Data Pipeline Made Easy.

Forget about manual data extraction, infrastructure, and integrations. We automate web data collection from source to destination.{ id: "B079QHML21", price: "$60.97",... }{ id: "1986477068", likes: "1,076,494",... }

Automatically populate your datastore.

Our algorithm automatically structures web data and conveniently stores it into your storage engine.

Train Your Data Models

Use vast amounts of data to nurture your data models and extract insights.

Supply & Demand Analysis

Analyze inventory listings, supply & demand, and how the market evolves.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand and segment what customers feel about a company or brand.

Collect data from anywhere

Take advantage of automatically structured content to nurture your data models.

Any Website. Any Format.
Our algorithms automatically extract data from raw content, so you don't have to.
Recurring Data Collection.
Schedule collectors to run hourly, daily, weekly. You have complete control over the execution.
1-Click Integration.
Easily integrate with the datastore of your choice. Amazon S3, MySQL, MongoDB... You name it.
Scheduled Tasks
Integration Datastores

Start in seconds, grow as needed.

Have your first results in seconds, start automatizing, and have thousands of results in your preferred format without maintenance worries.

Quick & Accurate Results.

Start getting results in minutes. Schedule collection tasks and automate data delivery.

Fully Customizable.

Choose any number of websites you want to extract content from and integrate with your team's storage engine.

Own Your Data.

No vendor lock-in. All your data is yours, even if you cancel.

Automate My Workflow Now

1-click integration with your datastore.

Choose between different outputs to take the most out of your data.
S3 buckets? SQL? NoSQL? We got you covered.

  • JSON
  • SQL
  • NoSQL
YouTube videos example in CSV YouTube videos example in JSON

Store all your data in file format

Be it JSON or CSV; we store all your data in files.
Easily access all your data from your desired storage.

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Create table in SQL YouTube videos example in SQL

Store all your data in a structured way

We automatically generate and maintain your schema.
Get the most out of your data with the full potential of SQL.

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YouTube videos example in MongoDB

Handle large volumes of data at high speed

Store vast amounts of data with the advantages of NoSQL.
Access all your historical data with ease.

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