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Learn how to use and integrate ZenRows in your codebase

Using Concurrency

Take advantage of parallel requests to speed up your crawling, thanks to concurrency. Request URLs simultaneously and add others when a thread is available.
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Get a Page Like a Mobile User

Crawl websites as a mobile browser to obtain different or optimized content. They tend to load fewer resources and smaller images, thus hastening your crawling.
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Block Resources

Avoid downloading data you don't need by blocking resources by type. No need to wait for fonts, images, or stylesheets, thus speeding up the scraping.
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How to Extract Data

Extract data directly from ZenRows API using CSS selectors, or get the Plain HTML and process it with external libraries such as BeautifulSoup or Cheerio.
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Scrape from a List of URLs

Scrape content starting with a URL list. Iterate over them with a loop or parallelize requests and save time, but that complexity comes with some downsides.
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Retry Failed Requests

Automatically retry failed requests in your scraping project. Achieve a 100% success rate with a simple setup. Examples are available in Python and Javascript.
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