Accessing the Data

We provide a Datastore for testing ZenRows and expose the credentials in the Runs page. If you have not created a different Datastore and set it for a Task, the data will be stored in the one we provide.

You can go to the Runs page and search for a Run using "sample-bucket". Then, click on the button to the right [...] and then "Show credentials". This option is only shown for the sample Datastore. If you enter your own (i.e. a MySQL database), we will not display this information - you should store and keep it private. Credentials

To access the bucket we provide, you will need some a tool, like Cyberduck or s3cmd. However, there are many others, and all of them allow you to access, navigate and download files from the storage.


Fill in the fields with the data provided and connect. Once connected, browse using the interface and access or download the files you want. Cyberduck


You'll have to configure s3cmd with the provided credentials. Then start exploring by listing your user's content.

$ s3cmd ls s3://zenrows/user---USER-ID/
Then list any of the folders to check file files inside.
$ s3cmd ls s3://zenrows/user---USER-ID/top-youtubers-1623925380211559/
File list using s3cmd You could download a single file or everything recursively with the s3cmd get command.
s3cmd get --skip-existing --recursive s3://zenrows/user---USER-ID/ ./my-local-folder

If you have any further doubt or ideas for new documentation, do not hesitate to contact us!