Create a Recurring Task

Wouldn't it be great if we could capture some data periodically? You can use a Recurring Task for that.

Just as before, click on "+ New Task". Fill in the name and provide a list of URLs. Now uncheck "Immediate task" and then check a new input that will appear: "Not Recurring". That will show a cron-like interface, don't worry about the technicalities - it is easy to use and understand. By clicking on the inputs that appear, you will be able to select - in plain English - a recurring rule for your task. Something like "Repeat every day at 10". Finally, click on "Add rule" to close the selector. Cron Expression

Now Submit the form and take a look at the newly created task. There are a couple of fields that mark when this task will run. "Next Run" expresses in English when it will run (i.e., 20 seconds or 13 hours). "Repeat" summarizes the cron-like you added in the form since we accept more than one rule. For the moment, we'll keep it simple with just the one. Recurring Task Created

And now, you don't have to do anything else! Every day at 10 a.m. ZenRows will run this task for you, no need to check, login, or submit anything. If you want to add or modify URLs or change the periodicity, you can edit it.

If you have any further doubt or ideas for new documentation, do not hesitate to contact us!