Editing or Removing a Task

What if I want to add a new YouTube channel to a previously created Task? No problem!
You can edit any existing Task. Add or modify URLs, change its periodicity, or rename it. And once you no longer need it, remove it. All the data that data collected in previous Runs will remain untouched. Forever.

Editing a Task

Click on the button to the right [...] and then "Edit". A modal with a form will appear, identical to the one for creating Tasks but with the fields filled. You can now modify whatever you want: add new lines in the URL list, remove some of them, change a one-time Task to Recurring or vice versa, ...
When ready, just submit the form by clicking on "Edit". Edit Task

Removing a Task

Once you've collected all the data and don't just a Task to run anymore, you can remove it.
For that, click on the button to the right [...] and then "Remove". That will show a modal window. Read this carefully because removing a Task cannot be undone. But don't worry about the data already collected. We won't remove it. Remove Task

If you have any further doubt or ideas for new documentation, do not hesitate to contact us!