Getting Started

We offer a 100% Automatic service for extracting structured data from web pages. No coding knowledge is required.

We provide an easy-to-use User Interface where anyone can create and run tasks by just entering a bunch of URLs.

Sign up or log in

The first thing you will need is an account - we offer a free tier and do not ask for your credit card in advance.

Create a Task

Once logged in, you'll see your private dashboard. Go to "Tasks" if you are not already there. There will be an already created Task for you. We do this during the registration process. You can explore that on your own once you learn how to access the data.

A task is what defines the data extration. When it gets executed and what content stored. Every task will generate one or more Runs, which are the execution of the Task.

To create a Task, click on the "+ New Task" below the title. New Task

A modal will appear with a form. First, fill in the name, i.e., "Top YouTubers". That will not affect how anything works - it is just a label. Then paste some URLs you want to get data from. In this example, browse YouTube and copy some channel URLs in the textarea. We highly recommend a task per domain for clearer output. You can input as many URLs as you want. Task Form

There are some others fields that we will skip for the moment. We automatically create a Datastore, and it will be selected, so no need to change it yet. As you can see, there is a check saying that this is an "Immediate task". That means it will run as soon as you save and won't do it again. Clicking on "Run Now!" will save the form and start the collecting process.

You will be redirected to the "Runs" page, where you can see real-time how it is going. In case you sent just a few URLs, it will be done in seconds. Once it finishes, the status will change to "Successful" (color to the left), and you will be able to see how much time it took and how many results it collected. Successful Run

We also provide a quick way to check that the data is correct. In that line, there is an eye icon to the right that will show the Preview so you can take a look at the data. Run Preview

Access the Data

The preview is great for a quick look, but we need to access the Datastore to obtain the whole dataset. Check out the docs for Accessing the Data.

You can also Create a Recurring Task or Edit it.

If you have any further doubt or ideas for new documentation, do not hesitate to contact us!