Input URLs

The easiest way to use ZenRows in an automated manner is by providing a set of URLs for a Task. We offer three methods of providing URLs.

Paste URLs

For a simple test or a large amount of data, pasting URLs is the simplest way to start with Tasks. Just copy and paste your desired URLs in the textarea, one per line - as many as you want.

We recommend creating a Task per domain for more output - as data will have different structures depending on the website. To avoid mixing fields and names, grouping them is suggested. If you want to track Amazon prices and Zillow houses, create a Task for each. Avoid mixing them. Input URLs Pasted

Remote File

Changing URLs by hand might be tedious. Therefore we allow a public URL that might change dynamically. The provided remote file must be available at the moment ZenRows executes the Task. Its content will be retrieved and parsed before each execution. So you can change the collected URLs without accessing ZenRows at all. You only need to change the content of the file.

As for the format, a simple text with one URL per line will do. Just like with Pasted URLs. Input URLs Remote

Upload File

You may also have a local file containing a bunch of URLs. If that's the case, you only need to upload it in the specific tab. Same as before, it expects one URL per line.
Click on "Upload a file" and select the file. Or you can also drag & drop. Input URLs File

If you have any further doubt or ideas for new documentation, do not hesitate to contact us!