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With this Lazada scraper, you can extract data from the online marketplace quickly and easily. Whether you need information on products, prices, brands, or anything else, you can have it with a single API call.

A Lazada Scraper to Get Any Data

Lazada is one of the biggest e-commerce companies in Southeast Asia, covering Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. The platform offers over 300 million products ranging from electronics to fashion.

All you need to do is pass the URL of the Lazada page you want to scrape in ZenRows' API to get its HTML.

Products Prices Brands Ratings Reviews Images Descriptions Sellers Sizes Types Quantities
The inputThe output
<html xmlns:wormhole="" lang=en>
  <meta charset="utf-8" />
  <meta name="description" content="3 years and above. Battery Car for Kids to Drive: This rc truck comes with a batteries, which is very convenient and easy for kids to drive. The batteries are included, you don&#39;t need to worry about batteries. The charging time is about 2-3 hours, you can use it for a long time. Mario Kart Remote Cars: This toy car is a great toy for children to play with. Kids Cars for Riding: The remote control car is a good toy for kids to play, and it is also a good gift for children. It is a perfect gift for birthday, christmas, new year, etc. Alpha Industries Toy: Made of high-quality pp material, which is safe and non-toxic. Remote Control Cars: Made of high quality non-toxic abs material, it is safe and durable. Excellent driving performance Have strong motor installation, before and after the four wheel drive for climbing Car can provide strong power torque Significantly make the car easy to complete difficult moves. Four wheels drive, provide strong power strength, makes it easy to move on ru" />
  <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no" />
  <meta name="aplus-auto-exp" content='[{"filter":"exp-tracking=suggest-official-store","logkey":"/lzdse.result.os_impr","props":["href"],"tag":"a"}]' />
  <meta name="data-spm" content="a2o42" />
  <meta name="robots" content="index,follow" />
  <meta name="og:url" content="" />

How to Web Scrape Lazada

Follow these simple steps to web scrape Lazada:

  1. Sign up for ZenRows to get your free API key.
  2. Visit the Request Builder page.
  3. Paste your target URL, like
  4. Turn on the anti-bot, premium proxy and JavaScript rendering features.
  5. Press "Try it" to extract all Lazada data in HTML.

ZenRows is the perfect fit for any scraping project, as it integrates with all programming languages, including Python, Go, and PHP.

Product Pages

With ZenRows, you can easily crawl and scrape all Lazada product pages, even behind a login. Here's what you'll get:

Products Prices Brands Ratings Promotions Images Descriptions Sellers Product Details Specifications Delivery Options
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Search Pages

From Lazada's search pages, your scraper will undoubtedly get much valuable information, such as the following:

Category Brand Service & Promotion Location Price Rating Brand Compatibility Features Color Specifications
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Product Category Pages

On Lazada, you'll find many category and subcategory pages to extract data from. Let's see what's on the table:

Electronic Accessories Electronic Devices TV & Home Appliances Health & Beauty Babies & Toys Groceries & Pets Home & Lifestyle Women's Fashion Men's Fashion Fashion Accessories Sports & Lifestyle Automotive & Motorcycle
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Lazada Scraping API

Lazada has no official scraping API, but you don't have to complicate things by creating one yourself. ZenRows will get you all the data you want while handling the anti-bot bypass. All that's left for you to do is make a single API call.

Web Scraping Features

Premium Proxies

The best residential proxies on the market to avoid IP bans

World-class Support

Reliable and quick response to all your queries by a team of developers

Get Around CAPTCHA

No more annoying challenges to slow you down

Great Documentation

All learning resources you need for Python, PHP, Ruby, and others

Randomize Headers

Make your HTTP requests appear as real as possible

JavaScript Rendering

Headless browsers to effectively mimic human interactions with the site

Scrape Behind a Login

Get past the login screen to extract data

WAF Bypass

Even the most regularly-updated systems won't be able to block you


Scrape most popular sites in convenient JSON format

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Lazada Scraper Overview

  • Integrate ZenRows into any workflow due to its support for all programming languages.
  • Ensure you access any page with the advanced WAF and CAPTCHA bypass toolkit.
  • Avoid IP bans with the most reliable proxies on the market.
  • Enjoy 1,000 free API credits when signing up.
  • Get all the help you need from a team of experienced developers.
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Frequent Questions

What Is a Lazada Scraper Used For?

A Lazada scraper used automated data extraction from the website. With it, you can get product names, categories, brands, prices, and more information. Additionally, it handles all anti-bot protective measures to ensure you get access.

What Is the Benefit of Scraping Lazada?

The benefit of scraping Lazada is that you'll get a ton of data on various products. That can help you gain valuable market insights into product demand, market trends, price fluctuations, etc.

Am I Allowed to Scrape Lazada?

Yes, you're allowed to scrape publicly available data on Lazada. You should check the robot.txt file to ensure you're not attempting to access any restricted content.

How to Choose The Best Lazada Scraper?

Choosing the best Lazada scraper is easy if you keep two primary factors in mind. First, you need it to extract data efficiently and in a convenient format. Then, it should also be able to bypass anti-bot measures to avoid blocks. ZenRows offers you all that and more. With the 1,000 free API credits you get upon signing up, you can test it yourself.

How to Build a Lazada Scraper?

Building a Lazada scraper can be easy with the right tools. For example, ZenRows allows you to extract all data from the website with a single API call. It'll also bypass the anti-bot measures to ensure your access. Its toolkit features rotating premium proxies, geo-targeting, and JavaScript rendering to provide the best results.

How to Build an Lazada Scraper?

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