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Meesho Scraper

This Meesho scraper will enable you to extract the desired data in HTML so that you can parse it and extract it in CVS or any other convenient format. All products, prices, brands, or other information are a single API call away.

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updated 14 days ago

A Meesho Scraper to Get Any Data

Meesho is a one-stop e-commerce platform in India that also allows users to resell their products directly to customers. The site has over five million products in over 650 categories, so you'll find plenty to scrape.

To extract its HTML, you can pass any Meesho's page URL in ZenRows API.

The inputThe output
Meesho Product
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<title>Stunning Silk Women&#x27;s Saree </title>
<meta name="description" 
content="Name: Stunning Silk Women&#x27;s Saree 
Saree Fabric: Silk
Blouse: Running Blouse
Blouse Fabric: Banarasi Silk
Pattern: Embroidered
Blouse Pattern: Solid
Net Quantity (N): Saree with Jewelry
Sizes: Free Size
Country of Origin: India"/>
<meta property="keywords" content="meesho,reseller,products,reselling"/>
<meta property="twitter:creator" content="Meesho"/>
<meta property="twitter:title" content="Stunning Silk Women&#x27;s Saree "/>
<meta property="twitter:description" content="Name: Stunning Silk Women&#x27;s Saree 
Saree Fabric: Silk
Blouse: Running Blouse
Blouse Fabric: Banarasi Silk
Pattern: Embroidered
Blouse Pattern: Solid
Net Quantity (N): Saree with Jewelry
Sizes: Free Size

How to Web Scrape Meesho

Here's how easy it's to start with Meesho web scraping:

  1. Create an account on ZenRows to get your free API key.
  2. Go to the Request Builder page.
  3. Enter your target URL, like meesho.com.
  4. Turn on the anti-bot, premium proxy and JavaScript Rendering features.
  5. Press "Try it" to get all Meesho data in HTML.

You can use ZenRows for any scraping project, as its API integrates flawlessly with Python, PHP, Go, and all other programming languages.

Product Pages

Use ZenRows API to crawl and scrape any product page on Meesho, even behind a login, to extract:

Product names
Country of origin

Product Category Pages

Meesho has hundreds of categories and subcategories, so let's see what your scraper can get.

Women Ethnic
Women Western
Home & Kitchen
Beauty & Health
Beauty & Health
Bags & Footwear
+650 Other Categories

Search Pages

Meesho's search pages are a great source of data that you can extract. On them, you can find:

Product Code; Quantity
Seller contact information
+ More

Web Scraping Features

Premium Proxies

You'll have the best residential IPs at your disposal

World-class Support

A team of developers ready to respond to all your questions

Get Around CAPTCHA

No more annoying challenges to slow down your scraper

Great Documentation

Find all information you need for Python, Ruby, Java, and other languages

Randomize Headers

A need for bypassing bot detection

JavaScript Rendering

Effectively use headless browsers to mimic human-like interactions

Scrape Behind a Login

Getting past the login screen to scrape is easier than ever

WAF Bypass

Deal with all obstacles to get you access to any page


Get the data from the most popular sites in JSON for your convenience

Meesho Scraper Overview

  • Use ZenRows with all programming languages.
  • Thanks to the advanced WAF bypass toolkit, say goodbye to the "Access Denied" screens.
  • Level up your scraping game with the best premium rotating proxies.
  • 1,000 free API credits, and only successful request count.
  • Experienced developers answer your queries 24/7.

Frequent Questions

What Is a Meesho Scraper?

A Meesho scraper is an automated tool designed to extract data from all product and search pages on the website. It also bypasses all anti-bot measures, allowing for a fast, effective, smooth scraping process.

What Is the Goal of Scraping Meesho?

Meesho stands out among Indian e-commerce websites due to its vast product catalog and innovative business models. Consequently, businesses can extract valuable market insights from its data, like prices, sellers, product demand, etc.

Is Scraping Meesho Legal?

Yes, all publicly available data on Meesho is legal to scrape if you follow the website's robots.txt file rules. So, as long as you avoid accessing and extracting copyright-protected data, you can benefit from getting everything else.

How to Choose the Best Scraper for Meesho?

The best Meesho scraper can get all the data you need from the website in a convenient format. It should also offer reliable anti-bot bypass measures to help you avoid suspicion and blocks. With that in mind, ZenRows' web scraping API is your safest bet. You'll get 1,000 free credits upon signing up to try it out.

How to Make a Meesho Scraper?

With the right tools, like ZenRows, you can easily make a Meesho scraper. Making a single API call will give you all the data you need. It also has other great features, like residential proxies and advanced anti-bot bypass to fortify your scraper further.

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