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Taobao Scraper

This Taobao scraper will allow you to extract all details in HTML. Get products, prices, descriptions, images, and more.

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Extract All Data with the Taobao Scraper

Taobao is one of the most important e-commerce stores in China and the eighth most visited website in the country, with over 300 million buyers a year. Interested in scraping the site?

Enter any Taobao page address and obtain its HTML with RawData’s API.

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How to Scrape Taobao

The easiest way to scrape Taobao is:

  1. Create a free ZenRows account.
  2. Open the Request Builder.
  3. Paste your target URL.
  4. Activate the anti-bot, premium proxy and JavaScript Rendering features.
  5. Click on "Try it" and get the Taobao data in HTML.

ZenRows' web scraping API integrates with Python, Node.js, PHP or any programming language.

Product Pages

Get all the data you need from product pages with the possibility to scrape behind a login, most notably:

Product title
Long description
Number of buyers
Available payment methods
Number of comments
Monthly sales

Search Pages

Search pages are an important source of valuable information. You can get everything you can see:

Place of origin
Product title
Featured product image
Short description
Number of buyers
Filter by brand
Filter by material
Filter by place of origin
Filter by style
Filter by shipping place

Web Scraping Features

World-class Support

Developers reply to your questions

Premium Proxies

Rotating residential IPs


Get rid of the annoying tests

Great Documentation

Available for seven languages

Randomize Headers

Avoid being flagged as a bot

JavaScript Rendering

Get headless browsers managed for you

Scrape Behind a Login

Extract the data you need

Avoid Honeypots

You won’t fall in this crawling trap

Bypass Canvas Fingerprinting

You’ll be seen as a real user

Taobao Scraper Overview

  • Integrate with any programming language.
  • Avoid getting blocked with an anti-bot bypass toolkit.
  • Get 1,000 free API requests upon sign-up.

Frequent Questions

What Is a Taobao Scraper?

A Taobao scraper is a tool created to gather different types of data from web pages of that site.

Why Scrape Taobao?

Developers are interested in extracting data from Taobao since it’s one of the largest e-commerce sites in China and the world.

Does Taobao Allow Scraping?

Scraping publicly available data on Taobao is legal, but you need to be careful not to extract content that is protected by copyright.

What Is the Best Taobao Scraper?

The best Taobao scraper is the one that gives you the flexibility to obtain any information you see on the page. ZenRows is an example of those.

How Do You Make a Taobao Scraper?

Making a Taobao scraper is easy if you have the right tool. Instead of reinventing the wheel, you can make a single API call that will give you the data you want.

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