Create a Datastore

We create a private Datastore for every signup. It's the default storage when creating a Task. You can add as many as you want, either from the Storage page or when Creating a Task.

We support S3-compatible connections, as well as a variety of databases.
Keep in mind that all credentials are encrypted, and the secret/password won't be accessible to anyone - not even the user that created the Datastore.

There's a "Show Credentials" option that's only available for the "sample-bucket" created by default.

New Datastore

Go to the "Storage" page, and then click on the "+ New Storage" button on the top right corner of the page. New Storage

A modal will appear with a form. First, select the provider and fill in the name, i.e., "SERP." After choosing the provider, the form will present some more fields that need fulfilling. In S3's case, the fields will be key, secret, endpoint, region, and bucket. All those fields are mandatory. Storage Form

When finished, click on "Add." The modal will close, and a new item will appear on the list. Either creating or editing a Task, a new "Delivery Datastore" will be available. In case of selecting the new one, its Label will be shown in the Tasks and Runs pages in every related entry. Task with New Storage

Already executed Runs will remain unmoved after editing the Task's Datastore. It will only affect the newly executed ones.

New Datastore from Task creation

Datastores can also be created directly from the new or edit Task form. Go to "Scheduled Tasks" and then click on the "+ New Task" button on the top right corner of the page. Fill in the required fields and click on "+add datastore" under the "Delivery Datastore" section. Add Datastore from Task

New fields will appear, the same ones as before. First, "Provider" and "Label," and the ones for credentials after selecting the provider. Storage Form from Task

When finished, click on "Add" and your datastore will be ready!

If you have any further doubt or ideas for new documentation, do not hesitate to contact us!