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How can ZenRows help your business?

Price Monitoring

Track every price variation from competitor's prices to stock market opportunities.

Lead Generation

Generate new business opportunities by leveraging existing websites and databases to boost your sales.

Market Research

Never lose a market insight again. From uncovering new market opportunities to supply and demand analysis.


Monitor keywords' relevance and performance to increase search engine visibility.


Collect massive amounts of data to train machine learning models, from image recognition to predictive modeling.


Gather data from a wide variety of data points and enhance your single source of truth.

How do we do it? Learn how our cutting-edge technology helps companies worldwide.

ZenRows helps you scale infinitely

Enjoy enterprise-grade performance, reliability, and scalability.

Fully Managed
Don't worry about maintaining the infrastructure. Leave that pain for us. We love it.
No Buzzwords
Forget about rotating proxies, headless browsers, CAPTCHAs and expensive servers.
For All Sizes
Our customers range from startups to corporations, marketing agencies to public institutions.
We successfully collect billions of URLs. We literally gather millions of URLs every-single-day.
Our technology handles information from thousands of domains. We know our stuff.
20 ms
Our technology is blazing fast. The API consistently returns content below the 20ms mark. Crazy fast.


It literally takes 30 seconds to start.


Target URL

Quickly start by providing a URL you want to extract data from.


Select Endpoint

Choose between Raw HTML, Email Extraction, Custom Parsers and more!


Get your results!

Our blazing fast API conveniently returns the data you need.

Pay as you grow.
Switch at any time.

No matter how many team members you have - our pricing is simple, transparent and adapts to the size of your company.

For teams with moderate needs.
  • 20.000 requests
  • 1 Concurrent Requests
  • Premium Proxies
  • Javascript Rendering
  • Email Support
For teams with growing needs.
  • 100.000 requests
  • 10 Concurrent Requests
  • Premium Proxies
  • Javascript Rendering
  • Custom Scrapers
  • Priority Email Support
For teams scaling their needs.
  • 500.000 requests
  • 50 Concurrent Requests
  • Residential proxies
  • Javascript Rendering
  • Custom Scrapers
  • Dedicated Email Support
For teams that require massive scale.
  • Custom
  • Custom
  • Residential proxies
  • Javascript Rendering
  • Custom Scrapers
  • Dedicated Chat Support
We also offer a generous FREE tier limited to 1.000 requests.


Breakdown of features Starter Growth Scale Enterprise
Requests per Month
The number of successful requests allowed per month.
20.000 100.000 500.000 Custom
Concurrent Requests
The maximum number of requests run at the same time.
1 10 50 Custom
Type of proxy used for data collection.
Premium Premium Residential Residential
Javascript Rendering
Whether Javascript executes in the scraper or not.
Custom Scrapers
We hand-craft scrapers for your specific requirements.
Different support types depending on your needs.
Email Priority Email Dedicated Email Support Dedicated Chat support

Questions & Answers

  • Not at all. Our platform and infrastructure are cloud-based, making our language-agnostic API easy and seamless to use.

  • All our proxies are world-class, curated daily. Premium proxies refer to datacenters with a distinguished reputation. On the other hand, Residential ones are even more reliable as they relate to home addresses.

  • You can extract data from as many websites as you want. Our biggest customers consistently bring more than 1 billion requests per month. Cool, isn't it?

  • We have a generous yearly contract plan where you save up to 20% of the bill. Enjoy the best of ZenRows with a deep discount.

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