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ZenRows handles all anti-bot bypass for you, from rotating proxies and headless browsers to CAPTCHAs.
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“ZenRows' anti-bot toolkit freaks me out. We scrape every site on the internet and have saved hundreds of developing hours.“
James Parker @Skyscanner
James Parker
Engineer @Skyscanner
Built-in anti-bot

Built-in anti-bot

Make 10 million requests if you wish, nobody will notice you're a scraper. The mornings with Access Denied screens are over for you with the web scraping API.

Headless Browser Rotating Proxies Anti-CAPTCHA JS Challenge Solver
JavaScript Rendering

The web scraping API Swiss knife

Scraping with login? Clicking on elements? Add human interactivity like you had an army at your command.

Autoparse data

The data is looking for you

Instead of digging into the HTML and be updating your code, try the auto-parsing magic for most popular websites. You'll get a JSON with the data you care about.

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Headless Browser
190+ countries
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Picture of Aurken

Aurken Bilbao


Aurken is a software craftsman and company builder at heart. Enjoys creating massive-scale distributed data collection systems from the ground. His hacking skills have yet to get him into trouble.

Picture of Ander

Ander Rodriguez


Ander is a web developer who has worked at startups for 12+ years. He began scraping social media even before influencers were a thing. Geek to the core.

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What is ZenRows?

ZenRows is a web scraping API, a data extraction and proxy tool that takes care of rotating proxies, headless browsers, CAPTCHAs and more for you. It enables the user to collect high data volumes for e-commerce pricing monitoring, social media research, machine learning model training and plenty of use cases.