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The amazing deal? Rotate IPs without managing infrastructure so that you save time and money. Also, enjoy a higher success rate while web scraping.
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Let's call each thing by its right name: free proxies are unreliable, and traditional proxy pools are unnecessarily expensive. The best alternative is ZenRows, an API that only charges for successful requests.

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More IPs aren't enough to avoid being blocked by anti-bot systems. The extra news is ZenRows provides you with a toolkit to supercharge your requests on top of a proxy service.

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Frequent Questions

What Is a Proxy Rotator?

A proxy rotator is a server that gives you a new IP address from a large pool for every request, which means you can send many HTTP requests to an internet site and be seen as different clients.

What Is an IP Rotator Service?

An IP rotator service is a tool to help you hide your IP address when requesting content from web pages, allowing you to scrape internet content without being rate-limited or blocked. Definitely, essential for any developer interested in gathering data at scale.

What Is a Rotating Proxy Service?

A rotating proxy service is an intermediary server that assigns a different IP address for each new connection. That represents you can run a script to send thousands or even millions of requests to any number of sites while using different IPs, allowing you to web scrape effectively.

What Is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server for web scraping is a router that provides a gateway between developers' programs and external servers. Here we're talking about an intermediary that assigns your bot a new IP and changes it frequently.

Is a Proxy Server Address an IP Address?

A proxy server plays the role of an intermediary between your web server and the machines hosting external sites. A proxy server uses a different IP address on behalf of the user, replacing your real address with an IP address provided by the proxy server.

Which Proxy Server Should I Use?

The best proxy server to use will depend on your goals and budget, and there are many available options. However, if your purpose is performing data extraction activities, a web scraping API like ZenRows is recommended because of its complementary tools to bypass any anti-bot measures.

How Do I Get a Proxy?

Getting a proxy is easy. You first need to decide which type of proxy you need (residential is the most frequent recommendation for web scraping), then go for a traditional proxy service or a web scraping API, and you'll get instant access right away after subscribing. And in many cases, the providers offer a free trial. Check out our guide on proxies for web scraping.

How to Get a Proxy IP address?

The steps to get a proxy IP address are these:
  1. Research the most popular services and decide what proxy type you're interested in.
  2. Sign up for a free trial.
  3. Test the quality and speed of the provided proxy IP.
  4. Subscribe to the web scraping proxy rotator.

How Do I Use a Proxy Rotator?

How to use a proxy rotator will depend on the service you end up choosing. As an approximation to developers, it's a great idea to check out an introductory guide to rotating proxies in Python.

How Do I use a Proxy Server for Web Scraping?

To use a proxy server for web scraping, you have two options: either you add the proxy URLs to your code and develop the full logic in the case of traditional proxy service, or you use a quick implementation allowed by modern web scraping APIs that come with proxies.
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