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We showcase a few of the most famous collectors people using.
And what's best, you don't have to use code if you don't want to - 100% for non-coders.
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Alibaba logo

Alibaba Scraper

No more manual data collection and endless hours spent navigating Alibaba's website! This Alibaba scraper automates the process, s...

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Shopee logo

Shopee Scraper

This Shopee Scraper is your ultimate solution to extract data seamlessly from the popular online marketplace. With it, you can gat...

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1mg logo

1mg Scraper

This 1mg scraper can help you extract all data on medicine and healthcare products available on the website. Making a single API c...

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Lazada logo

Lazada Scraper

With this Lazada scraper, you can extract data from the online marketplace quickly and easily. Whether you need information on pro...

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Nykaa logo

Nykaa Scraper

This Nykaa scraper offers an effective and reliable way to extract product information from the website's vast inventory. It can g...

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BookMyShow  logo

BookMyShow Scraper

This BookMyShow scraper can get you all data on the website, including upcoming events, movie titles, plays, sports, and more. Mak...

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Snapdeal Scraper

This powerful Snapdeal scraper allows you to quickly and easily extract products, prices, brands, and other data from the website...

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Myntra Scraper

With this Myntra scraper, you'll get all the data you want with a single API call. You can extract products, prices, brands, and o...

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Meesho Scraper

This Meesho scraper will enable you to extract the desired data in HTML so that you can parse it and extract it in CVS or any othe...

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Flipkart Scraper

With the help of this Flipkart scraper, you'll get all the data you need from the website in HTML format. Whether you want to extr...

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IndiaMART Scraper

With this IndiaMART scraper, you'll be able to extract all data in HTML. Get all products, prices, companies, and more with a sing...

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Taobao Scraper

This Taobao scraper will allow you to extract all details in HTML. Get products, prices, descriptions, images, and more.

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Etsy logo

Etsy Scraper

Looking for an Etsy scraper? This online tool is the best, and comes with an API. Crawl products, categories, prices and all detai...

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eBay logo

eBay Scraper

This eBay scraper will allow you to extract all details. Get products, prices, images, sellers and more with the best online scrap...

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Walmart logo

Walmart Scraper

This Walmart scraper will allow you to extract all data. Get products, images, categories and more with the best online scraper, f...

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YouTube logo

YouTube Scraper

Scrape YouTube videos and channels without any limit. Extract video names, view counts, and likes. You can download data as CSV, o...

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Zillow logo

Zillow Scraper

Scrape Zillow real estate data easily. Homes for sale or rent with publicly available data and more hidden content like Zestimate...

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Google Search logo

Google Search Scraper

Scrape Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) without any limit. Extract organic and paid results, local businesses, paid prod...

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Google Maps logo

Google Maps Scraper

Scrape Google Maps Results to extract data from businesses, landmarks, places of interest, and more. Supports geotargeting by coun...

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Amazon Product logo

Amazon Scraper

Scrape Amazon products and listings without restrictions or limits. Extract product title, price, average ratings, descriptions, a...

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Crunchbase logo

Crunchbase Scraper

Scrape Crunchbase listings, companies, investors, people, and more with the most sophisticated collector. Extracted data includes...

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Indeed logo

Indeed Scraper

Scrape Indeed for job offers effortlessly. Extract all the data available to the public and more hidden like urgently hiring, spon...

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Yelp logo

Yelp Scraper

Scrape Yelp website for businesses effortlessly. Extract all the data such as name, price range, ratings, telephone, or address wi...

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LinkedIn logo

LinkedIn Scraper

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SimilarWeb logo

SimilarWeb Scraper

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Owler logo

Owler Scraper

(details coming soon)

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