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This eBay scraper will allow you to extract all details. Get products, prices, images, sellers and more with the best online scraper, for free. Download structured information in JSON and HTML, and easily export to Excel, CSV or any format.

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1.7 billion listings on eBay gives you a massive amount of worldwide e-commerce data to track competitors' prices, perform market analysis and optimise your e-commerce ranking, among other cases. Now you can do it at scale with our unofficial eBay API.
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How do I Scrape eBay?

Follow the quick steps below to scrape eBay:
  1. Sign up for ZenRows for free.
  2. Go to the Request Builder
  3. Pick your target URL.
  4. You\'ll get the data of the page in HTML or JSON.
eBay Data Scraper
Crawling eBay in 2024 is easy since ZenRows' API allows you to do it, skipping all anti-bots. You can scrape products, prices, images, sellers and more, and you'll get a JSON file per URL.

For example, you can get the following data types and literally everything with this eBay Data Scraper:

eBay Product Scraper

If you need the data of cameras, pet accessories, clothes or any other, this eBay Product Scraper will do wonders for you. The JSON files will include everything you might need! Look below for a real sample.

JSON output

Scrape example Product

eBay Image Scraper

From product pages you'll get all inputs, including visuals, in the current version of our eBay Image Scraper.

JSON output

Scrape example Images

eBay Price Scraper

Since prices are key when it comes to e-commerce, you'll see how seamless it's to collect with our eBay Price Scraper.

JSON output

Scrape example Prices

eBay Seller Scraper

Having the big picture of most popular sellers by different data points would help you perform a more advanced market analysis. With our eBay Seller Scraper, you'll be able to capture the data you need to do so.

JSON output

Scrape example Sellers

eBay Scraper API

You're not going to find the exact thing you need on Github, Reddit or NPM. There's a better source. ZenRows will make you a scraping master with a single API call, and you can use your favourite programming language.

ebay.com data collector Proxy

To scrape eBay without being blocked, you need a premium proxy. ZenRows' software handles those proxies for you.

Data extraction without Login

A login requirement is a common headache among web scrapers, mostly with the most popular internet sites. Fortunately, you don't need to worry about it with ZenRows.


Let's face it: big websites like ebay.com are going to be challenging if you want to do some real crawling. CAPTCHA is one of the anti-bot mechanisms that you're going to encounter, so you'll need to find different solutions for that. Alternatively, ZenRows can also overcome it.

Usage Cost

Scrape up to 1000 sites at zero cost as part of our trial. Each eBay page will require 1 credits. Feel free to take a look at our no-brainer plans.


  • What is an eBay Scraper?
    An ebay.com data collector refers to a software that is engineered to mine data from public pages.
  • How to make an ebay.com Scraper?
    If you care about the data and want to make sure to get it, using an eBay scraper can be easier than going through the hundreds of problems you might find on each page and facing the extra work required due to anti-bot system updates. Give ZenRows' web scraping API a shot. We're convinced you'll love it.
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