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API Credits
250,000 1,000,000 3,000,000 Custom
Concurrent Requests
10 25 50 Custom
Proxies (Rotating & Premium)
Headless Browser
Antibot Advanced Bypass
Automatic Retries
Uptime Guarantee
99.1% 99.3% 99.6% 99.9%
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“ZenRows' antibot toolkit freaks me out. We scrape every site on the internet and have saved hundreds of developing hours.“
James Parker @Skyscanner
James Parker
Engineer @Skyscanner

Frequent Questions

  • How many API Credits do I need to scrape one URL?
    • 🪙 1 credit: Normal request
    • 🪙 5 credits: Antibot or JavaScript Rendering
    • 🪙 10 credits: Premium Proxies
    • 🪙 25 credits: Antibot or JavaScript Rendering + Premium Proxies
  • Do you charge failed requests?

    Not at all. We only charge for successful requests :)

  • I need to scrape millions of websites every month. Is it possible?

    You can extract data from as many websites as you want. Throw us 1M requests or 10M; we can perfectly handle it :)

  • Do I need to install anything to use the product?

    Not at all. Our platform and infrastructure are cloud-based, making our language-agnostic API easy and seamless to use.

  • How much can support help me?

    We guarantee the best support you can find. Web scraping developers will reply to your technical questions even with custom code.

  • Do you offer discounts?

    We have a generous yearly contract plan where you save up to 20% of the bill. Enjoy the best of ZenRows with a deep discount.

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