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Be the hero who scrapes all internet sites without having to deal with the frustrating Access Denied screens!
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Open-source tools vs ZenRows API

Frustration doesn't pay the bills

Web scraping has become increasingly difficult: hundreds of JS challenges per page, waiting rooms, event listeners, fingerprinting. But nobody cares about how difficult it is.
Instead of wasting months of your life learning to bypass the anti-scraping bots out there one by one, better create scrapers that get the data you need.

You don't want to deal with WAF updates

Cloudflare, Akamai, Datadome all popular software is updated, and you don't want to see how your terminal gets filled with a trailer of red error messages at 7 PM.
You know your clients are going to think you're a rookie developer. You don't want that, so let's face the reality and let ZenRows eat the bypass nightmares for you.
WAF Updates

The "Does it integrate with?" question

Before you finish saying it, YES, YES and YES! ZenRows integrates with any programming language.
Also, let us do you a favor, because you're not going to need any libraries or third providers. We'll do everything for you, from JavaScript rendering to premium proxies.

Win the battle against WAFs