AI Web Unblocker for Web Scraping Everything

A single tool to knock out all anti-bot measures. You aren't dreaming, at least not anymore, because web scraping just got easier and more reliable. Happy scraping!
  • Game over, Cloudflare (and any other WAFs)
  • Anti-CAPTCHA and premium Proxies
  • Built-in headless browser
  • Highest success rate
No credit card required
Anti-bot bypass with AI

WAFs: Nice to meet you, and goodbye forever

Cloudflare, Akamai, DataDome… the friends you never wanted. Trying to win over the most advanced cybersecurity systems powered by Machine Learning isn't a piece of cake. So, what's next? ZenRows' AI Web Unblocker.
  • A single API call removes the frustrating Access Denied
  • Save time (and hair while you can)
  • Celebrate your high success rate over beers (happy hour sponsored by ZenRows)

Cheat on CAPTCHAs

A CAPTCHA is a mousetrap, but you're a smarter mouse. Get the cheese but live long enough to see your scraped data!
  • Avoid triggering the challenges and avoid pocket holes
  • Resolve in-page CAPTCHAs if necessary

Get covered with Lamborghini-style proxies

Even paid proxies might not work or be slow. Damn, nobody wants to get lost in an island without a rescuing ship. That's why our developer craftspeople have got that life-saving ship for you..
  • Millions of premium residential proxies, ethically sourced
  • Geolocation from +190 countries
  • Stop paying per bandwidth. Instead, you'll be charged per successful request, which cuts your expenses with popular heavy websites.

User Agent on auto-pilot

Building and maintaining a huge User Agent list is annoying, agree? Well, not anymore. ZenRows' AI Web Unblocker does it automatically for you.
  • Mask your User Agent with auto-rotation
  • And the other HTTP request header strings, too.
User Agent

A better way to scale up headless browsers

Rendering JavaScript and interacting with web pages is a must to avoid getting blocked, but running headless browsers at scale is worse than getting your wisdom teeth extracted. Luckily, you'll love this:
  • Get the full functionality of headless browsers without managing infrastructure
  • Save up machine costs because ZenRows does all infrastructure heavy lifting for you
  • Resolve JS challenges
Headless Browser

Web scrape like the pros