User Agent Rotator for Web Scraping

Everyone agrees that the User Agent is a major reason web scrapers get blocked, but coding a rotator creates invisible risks. Fix that with ZenRows.
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The Hidden Challenge

Every time you make an HTTP request, your headers betray you. It's the User Agent (UA) but also the rest of the strings. So what can you do?

Popular open-source tools and their plugins are only partial helpers because they don't fix the entire header challenge and only work on a small scale. They're the tip of the iceberg.

Handcrafting is painful: Even customizing and randomizing UAs, you soon realize error screens don't disappear easily. There are hidden rules, untold patterns, and maintenance is required.

Your Easy Win

When you make your HTTP requests using ZenRows, it automatically equips you with a fresh User Agent, modifies the rest of the strings, and creates a reliable layout to fly under the radar.

Also, you can add layers of power to your scraper by typing parameters: one to get premium proxies, one to pass JS challenges, and so on. Win over every challenge from CAPTCHAs to Cloudflare with ZenRows.

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