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Scrape Yelp website for businesses effortlessly. Extract all the data such as name, price range, ratings, telephone, or address without login nor limits. You can download data as CSV, one JSON file, or one JSON file per URL.

Extract data from businesses all around the world. We do not require a login or access to Yelp's API; everything is done anonymously and for FREE.

If you are looking for lead generation, market monitoring, investment opportunities, or business datasets, this is an excellent no-code solution for you. Enter URLs and get back hundreds of data points in seconds.

Business listings and business pages are supported. Check below for more info on their formats and outputs.

The inputThe output
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All CSVs will use comma as a field separator and quote (") as string delimiter. They will also always include headers.
JSON files will be arrays - for single files - and objects for JSON files generated per URL.


Will output business's name, price range, rating, review count, and many more.

Below is an example for JSON format.

JSON output

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Will output similar data as the listing but with extra fields such as a list of reviews and open hours.
Below is an example for JSON format.

JSON output

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Yelp Scraper API

Developers may want complete control over our API to integrate with libraries and backend systems easily. We provide a language-agnostic API to help you programmatically take advantage of ZenRows functionality.


Residential Proxies might be necessary. To avoid blocks and operate reliably, we encourage using residential proxies. If the problem continues, try geotargeting by selecting the country you are searching for.

Basic Stats

A business page in JSON format varies depending on the review count and description, which tends to be lengthy. They may range from 10kB to 15KB or even more.

Lists don't include these, so their size is limited. At 10 results per page, a URL would be around 10kB in JSON.

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