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This Walmart scraper will allow you to extract all data. Get products, images, categories and more with the best online scraper, for free. Download structured information in JSON and HTML, and easily export to Excel, CSV or any format.

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Walmart is the most important retailer in the USA, expanding fast to other countries. It has over 142,000 different items on sale, so it's a must to scrape its website for competitive analysis and market research! Extract data from e-commerce that's useful for your business.
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How to Scrape Walmart?

The easiest way to scrape Walmart is:
  1. Create a free ZenRows account.
  2. Open the Request Builder
  3. Select your target website.
  4. Get the info in HTML or JSON.
Walmart Data Scraper
What do you want to collect in 2024? ZenRows' tool to crawl and scrape online. You can extract products, images, categories and more, and you'll get a JSON file per URL.

There are some of the data types that you can get with this Walmart Data Scraper:

Walmart Product Scraper

It will output product's name, price, description, reviews, rating and more fields. The JSON files will include all of that and much more! Take a look below for an actual sample.

JSON output

Scrape example Product

Walmart Listing Scraper

For listing pages, you would get all fields the above and some specific ones such as the seller, discounts or stock.

JSON output

Scrape example Listing

Walmart Deal Scraper

Get all the hot deals updated to the minute! The response will also include all the basics (name, price, image) and many others, such as discounts, badges and ratings.

JSON output

Scrape example Deal

Walmart Scraper API

Look no further on Github, NPM or Reddit. Without an official API and no restrictions. ZenRows API works with any programming language and we have ready-to-use snippets for the most popular ones.

Walmart Data Extractor Proxy blocks most proxy providers when doing web data extraction. To avoid these and operate reliably, we strongly encourage using residential proxies. Datacenter and premium ones might work, but their success rate will be low. ZenRows' software incorporates premium proxies.

Crawling with no Login

Worried about anti scraping mechanisms that force you to log in? Forget about credentials with ZenRows.

Bot Detection for CAPTCHA

Not surprisingly, Walmart is protective of its data and you might be greeted with a 307 redirect for a CAPTCHA page. But you're lucky today, as ZenRows can bypass it for you.

Cost of Use

For free, extract up to 100 websites. Each page will require 10 credits. Check out our plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Walmart Scraper?

It's a command-line application written in a programming language, such as Python, that extracts and downloads information.

How to make a Walmart Scraper?

To make a scraper, developers don't need to re-invent the wheel anymore. Use ZenRow's API and get rid of most headaches.

How to Build an Walmart Scraper?

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