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Shopee Scraper

This Shopee Scraper is your ultimate solution to extract data seamlessly from the popular online marketplace. With it, you can gather valuable information about products, prices, brands, and much more, all in a convenient format through a single API call.

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updated 12 days ago

A Shopee Scraper to Get Any Data

Shopee is a leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It allows individuals and businesses to buy and sell a wide range of products, including electronics, fashion, beauty, toys, and much more.

Its vast catalog presents an opportunity to scrape data on over 180 million products, so you better get started! All you need to do is paste the URL of the Shopee page you want to scrape in ZenRows' API to get its HTML.

The inputThe output
<!doctype html>
<html dir="ltr">
<meta charset="utf-8">
// ...
<title>ASUS TUF GAMING VG249Q1A LCD 電競螢幕 遊戲螢幕 電腦螢幕 華碩螢幕 23.8吋 165Hz | 蝦皮購物</title>
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How to Web Scrape Shopee

Here's what you need to do to web scrape Shopee:

  1. Register for ZenRows to get your free API key.
  2. Visit the Request Builder page.
  3. Paste your target URL, like www.shopee.com
  4. Activate the anti-bot, premium proxy and JavaScript rendering features.
  5. Click "Try it" to get all Shopee data in HTML.

ZenRows fits into any workflow as it integrates with all programming languages, including Python, Ruby, and Java.

Product Pages

With ZenRows, you can crawl and scrape all product pages on Shopee, even behind a login. That way, you'll successfully extract the following:

Country of Origin
Ships From
Shop Vouchers
Shipping Options
Number of Sold Products

Product Category Pages

On Shopee, you can choose from numerous product categories and subcategories, such as:

Men's Clothes
Women's Clothes
Watches & Glasses
Fashion Accessories
Home & Living
Home Entertainments
Beauty & Personal Care
Health & Wellness
Mobile & Gadgets
Home Appliances
Computers & Laptops

Search Pages

Search pages are among the best sources of information, and on Shopee, you can use them to extract the following data:

Service & Promotion
Shipped From
Price Range
Ship Type
Payment Channel

Shopee Scraping API

While there is no official scraping API for Shopee to allow extracting product data, ZenRows' API will help you easily get the data you want. It'll also take care of the anti-bot detection measures with its advanced CAPTCHA and WAF bypass, JavaScript rendering, and other great features.

Web Scraping Features

Premium Proxies

With the best residential proxies, no one will trace your scraping activities back to you.

World-class Support

Experienced developers respond to your queries and concerns 24/7

Get Around CAPTCHA

These annoying challenges won't slow you down again

Great Documentation

Find all resources you need for the most popular languages

Randomize Headers

Bypass anti-bot detection by using real-like request headers

JavaScript Rendering

Appear as humanly as possible with headless browsers

Scrape Behind a Login

Get past the login screen to extract the data you want


Scrape most popular sites in convenient JSON format

WAF Bypass

Even the most advanced systems are no match for ZenRows

Shopee Scraper Overview

  • ZenRows fits into any workflow, as it integrates with all programming languages.
  • The advanced WAF and CAPTCHA bypass ensures your access to any website.
  • Use the best residential proxies on the market to avoid IP bans.
  • 1,000 free API credits and charge per successful request only.
  • The best customer support is available 24/7.

Frequent Questions

What Is a Shopee Scraper?

A Shopee scraper is an advanced and effective automated data extraction tool designed to collect information from various website sections. Whether you're interested in product details, category insights, or search results, this tool ensures you can access it effortlessly.

What Is the Advantage of Scraping Shopee?

The advantage of scraping Shopee is that you'll get access to vast data on fashion, electronic, cosmetic, and other popular products. That can help you track product demand, identify market trends, and predict price fluctuations.

Is It Legal to Scrape Shopee?

Yes, all publicly available content on Shopee is legal to scrape. With that in mind, remember to check the robots.txt file for sections on the website that are off-limits. If you break the rules outlined in it, your scraper can get flagged and blocked.

How to Choose the Best Shopee Scraper?

To choose the best Shopee scraper, you should consider several factors. It needs to extract data quickly, at scale, and in a ready-to-use format. Additionally, for the process to run smoothly, it has to offer anti-bot bypass features advanced enough.

How to Make a Shopee Scraper?

To make a Shopee scraper, you'll need to invest a lot of time and resources to ensure its reliability and efficiency. ZenRows, on the other hand, is a ready-made solution that can handle the hard job for you.

It offers advanced features like premium proxies, JavaScript rendering, and geo-targeting, among other great benefits. With a single API call, all the data you want will be available in a convenient format. Try it out with the 1,000 free API credits you get upon registration.

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