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Scrape Google Maps Results to extract data from businesses, landmarks, places of interest, and more. Supports geotargeting by country for local results. Download data as JSON or the original HTML.

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Extract data from millions of Results on Google Maps. We do not require a login; everything is done anonymously and FREE, with no extra cost.

If you are looking for market monitoring, business datasets, or investment opportunities, this is an excellent solution for you. Enter URLs and get back hundreds of data points in seconds.

Check below for more info on formats and outputs.

The inputThe output
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The output will be a JSON object with individual elements. See the example below.

Search Result

Will output the place's title, address, average rating, category, phone, open hours, and more.
Take a look below for an actual sample.

JSON output

Try example URL with ZenRows

Google Maps Scraper API

Developers may want complete control over our API to integrate with libraries and backend systems easily. We provide a language-agnostic API to help you programmatically take advantage of ZenRows functionality.


Google blocks most proxy providers and redirects to a captcha. To avoid these and operate reliably, we strongly encourage using residential proxies. On top of that, Maps will show the final content after the first load. Thus, you might need to active JavaScript Rendering for most of the content.

Basic Stats

File sizes will vary depending on the number of filled text fields.

As a reference, a result on JSON format size might be from 5kB to 15kB depending on the content.
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