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Looking for an Etsy scraper? This online tool is the best, and comes with an API. Crawl products, categories, prices and all details you can! Try it for free. Get the output in JSON or HTML, and you can also export to CSV, Excel...

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Etsy is a global marketplace for unique and creative goods that are handmade or vintage, which sets it apart from other platforms like eBay and Amazon. It has over 60 million products listed, with Home & Goods being its most popular category so far.
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How do I Scrape Etsy?

Follow the quick steps below to scrape Etsy:
  1. Create an account on ZenRows for free.
  2. Head to the Request Builder page
  3. Type the URL you want to scrape.
  4. Obtain the details of the page in HTML or JSON.

Etsy Scraper API

Have you looked for on Github, Reddit or NPM? There's a better place to find what you need. ZenRows will make you a scraping pro and you just need to do an API call with your most loved programming language.

Etsy crawler Proxy

Scraping without being blocked is easier than it looks like. For that, one of the essentials is a premium proxy, and ZenRows' tool handles that for you.

Data extraction without Login

Everybody complains about the login requirements! But here are some good news: you don't need to worry about that challenge with ZenRows API.

Overcome CAPTCHA

Doing scraping means you're going to have to fight against CAPTCHA day after day. The cheapest solution for that is probably ZenRows, which will overcome it.

Usage Cost

Crawl up to 1000 pages at for free within your trial. Each Etsy page will require 1 credits. Then, you can check out our transparent pricing and ask us anything!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why scrape Etsy?

This Etsy API will help you for:
  • Price comparison: since dynamic pricing is becoming more popular, it's important to adjust your prices often to be more competitive.
  • Competitor monitoring: being aware of the market activities in real-time will allow you to make better decisions to increase your profit.
  • Product research: the winner takes everything, so do you a favor and learn beyond what's evident about your competitors.
  • Customer sentiment analysis: understanding what customers feel like about other products will give insights about new opportunities to market items.

What is an Scraper?

An scraper is a API that is created to gather different types of data from web pages.

How to make an Etsy Scraper?

To make an Etsy Scraper, you can take the hard path and sweat re-inventing the wheel, or you can better re-use what already works for others. Give ZenRows a shot and you'll see scraping can be easier.

How to Build an Etsy Scraper?

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