What is a Run

A Run is each execution of a Task. A task can either be executed immediately after creation or scheduled for later. A scheduled task, at the same time, can be a one-time or recurring task.

Here is how the Runs page looks like with two successful Runs. Successful Run


Task Label and Type fields refer to the Task, just as informative fields to understand what Run it is.

Hovering over the Status field, a tooltip will appear with the number of results collected and failed.

Start Time and Time Taken mark when it got executed and how much time it took to finish.

#Items are the number of successfully collected data points. If it does not match the Task's URL count means that some were not properly collected.

Storage indicates where it placed the data. In this case, both Runs will be accessible in the sample bucket we provide.

By clicking on [...], the options for "Preview" and "Show credentials" will appear. Run Menu

Preview will show a few items of the selected run. Run Preview

In case the Task was marked as Raw, the Preview will show the target's HTML. Raw Preview

For the sample bucket, we will show the credentials, use them to Access the Data. Credentials

If you have any further doubt or ideas for new documentation, do not hesitate to contact us!