Lenspricer: Comparison Tool that Scrapes with ZenRows


Lenspricer is a price comparison website for contact lenses from over 20 countries. It scrapes web stores across different countries to compare prices and provide the best deals to its customers.


While expanding its business to various European countries was straightforward, Lenspricer faced significant challenges when it tried to scale the business to the US and Canada. The methods used before, such as changing user agents, using open-source tools, and proxies, amongst others, didn't work with more protected sites.


Lenspricer compared different scraping solutions to collect target data at scale and bypass heavily protected sites, deciding over ZenRows.

The reasons? The API was really easy to test and integrate, the answers from the support team were quick and helpful, and most importantly, the service was reliable: The data could be scraped!

"It took me just 5 minutes to integrate the API into my code, and it just worked.".

Now, the lenses comparison site can keep growing its business and offering the best deals to its visitors worldwide.

Frustrated that your web scrapers are blocked once and again?

ZenRows API handles rotating proxies and headless browsers for you.

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