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Cutcaptcha Bypass

Get Rid of Cutcaptcha in a Few Seconds

ZenRows bypasses the Cutcaptcha puzzle in a few seconds. Our tool uses AI and only charges you for successful requests.

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How to Bypass Cutcaptcha

  1. Sign up on ZenRows.
  2. Make API requests with your target URL.
  3. Scrape CAPTCHA-protected pages.

Step 1: Get your free API key

Sign up to ZenRows and instantly get your free API key with 1,000 API credits.

Step 2: Make your Cutcaptcha bypass request

Signing up will take you to the ZenRows Request Builder. Once there, enter your target URL, set the Boost mode to JS Rendering, activate Premium Proxies, and select your programming language. Click "Try it", and ZenRows will automatically bypass that anti-bot.

ZenRows Request Builder
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Did that work? Retrying your request works 99.7% of the time. If it doesn't, go to Settings → Integrations to pass the request to a human.

Step 3: Scrape all CAPTCHA-protected pages

Copy and integrate the generated code into your codebase to scrape more pages.

Bypass CAPTCHAs with any programming language

ZenRows works with all programming languages including: Python, JavaScript, PHP, C++, Java, C#, Go.

“ZenRows' anti-bot toolkit freaks me out. We scrape every site on the internet and have saved hundreds of developing hours."
James Parker @Skyscanner
James Parker
Engineer @Skyscanner

About Cutcaptcha

Cutcaptcha is a puzzle-based CAPTCHA where the user has to complete a shattered image before accessing a website. Cutcaptcha is common on file-sharing or download websites, where it prevents unauthorized file downloads or uploads. However, you can also encounter it on ecommerce sites, or social media.

How Cutcaptcha Works

Cutcaptcha presents a shattered image (with missing parts) to the user, prompting them to drag and drop its broken pieces to their matching positions to make a complete image. The CAPTCHA requires strict attention to detail. Since even humans get stuck with Cutcaptcha sometimes due to its complexity, it's practically impossible for bots to solve.

How CAPTCHA works

Detection Techniques Used by Cutcaptcha

Cutcaptcha uses a puzzle-based CAPTCHA detection method to identify automated bots. It randomizes its images so the user gets a different CAPTCHA per request. Only a legitimate user can interact with the Cutcaptcha puzzle and solve it. Automated programs like web scrapers will get blocked because they can't handle the CAPTCHA's dynamism.

Detection Techniques CAPTCHA

Cutcaptcha: Types of CAPTCHAs

Cutcaptcha strictly uses interactive CAPTCHAS and doesn't feature any background JavaScript challenge. It comes up every time you visit a website it protects. The puzzle aims to make the CAPTCHA-solving task less friendly to stop bots from accessing a protected website.

Types of CAPTCHAs

How to Solve Cutcaptcha CAPTCHAs

Solving the Cutcaptcha requires interacting with the puzzles, making it difficult for bots to handle. The CAPTCHA can block you while scraping assets such as image or video files.

ZenRows is a leading web scraping solution for solving puzzle-based CAPTCHAs like Cutcaptcha without stress.

How to solve CAPTCHAs

How to Bypass Cutcaptcha CAPTCHAs

The Cutcaptcha puzzle appears each time you try to access a Cutcaptcha-protected website. It means an automated program cannot bypass it.

Integrate ZenRows with your web scraper and watch it evade Cutcaptcha every time. It's a leading web scraping solution for bypassing any CAPTCHA, allowing you to focus on scraping while it handles all technicalities behind the scenes.

How to bypass CAPTCHAs

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