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Get Rid of GeeTest in a Few Seconds

ZenRows will bypass the GeeTest CAPTCHAs for you, including all its types and subtypes: Interactive (Slide, Iconrush, Icon, and Gobang) and Non-interactive (NoCAPTCHA CAPTCHA). Our tool uses AI and a free-of-charge retry approach.

Interactive Non-interactive (verification button)
Interactive Non-interactive (verification button)

How to Bypass GeeTest

  1. Sign up on ZenRows.
  2. Make API requests with your target URL.
  3. Scrape CAPTCHA-protected pages.

Step 1: Get your free API key

Sign up to ZenRows to get your free API key and 1,000 API credits immediately.

Step 2: Make Your GeeTest Bypass Request

After signing up, you'll get to the Request Builder. To try it out, enter your target URL, activate the JS Rendering boost mode for automatic AI Anti-bot bypass, add Premium Proxies, and select your favorite language. Then, click "Try it".

ZenRows Request Builder
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Did it work? Retry your request if needed, which is enough in 99.7% of the cases. For the rest, go to Settings → Integrations to pass the request to a human.

Step 3: Scrape all CAPTCHA-protected pages

Copy and integrate the generated code into your codebase to scrape more pages.

Bypass CAPTCHAs with any programming language

ZenRows works with all programming languages including: Python, JavaScript, PHP, C++, Java, C#, Go.

“ZenRows' anti-bot toolkit freaks me out. We scrape every site on the internet and have saved hundreds of developing hours.“
James Parker @Skyscanner
James Parker
Engineer @Skyscanner

About GeeTest

GeeTest is a web security service provider that uses CAPTCHAs to protect websites from bots. It employs machine learning models to block bot traffic while allowing real users access to content. GeeTest's CAPTCHAs are intuitive and self-learning. So, they're difficult for automated scripts like web scrapers to bypass.

How GeeTest Works

GeeTest categorizes CAPTCHAs into various difficulty levels based on the degree of risk determined by an initial machine learning-base bot test. The higher the risk level of your traffic, the more likely you are to get blocked by GeeTest's CAPTCHA. The CAPTCHA can be a simple verification button or a more interactive puzzle that requires you to drag the mouse or click some icons. The type of CAPTCHA GeeTest gives you per request is unpredictable and difficult to bypass by automation.

How CAPTCHA works

Detection Techniques Used by GeeTest

GeeTest first gives users an invisible bot test to tell whether they're bots or humans. This bot test uses machine learning models to continuously analyze patterns, including the user's browser, operating system, biometrics, navigation behavior, and many more. Once GeeTest detects bot-like activities like web scraping, it triggers an intuitive CAPTCHA, which blocks access to the target website unless the user solves it.

Detection Techniques CAPTCHA

GeeTest: Types of CAPTCHAs

The GeeTest CAPTCHA can be interactive or non-interactive, depending on the risk level analyzed by an initial bot test. The interactive CAPTCHAs are more challenging and usually require the user to solve a Slide, an Iconrush, an Icon, or a Gobang puzzle before accessing the protected web page. For non-interactive CAPTCHAs (also called NoCAPTCHA CAPTCHA), GeeTest only requires the user to click a verification button to access a website.

Types of CAPTCHAs

How to Solve GeeTest CAPTCHAs

You can encounter the GeeTest CAPTCHA while accessing any web page if you don't solve it. This prevents you from getting the data you want while scraping. 

An easy way to solve GeeTest CAPTCHAs is to integrate your web scraper with ZenRows and scrape any web page without limitations.

How to solve CAPTCHAs

How to Bypass GeeTest CAPTCHAs

The GeeTest CAPTCHAs vary across risk and protection levels, and you can't tell what type you're dealing with at a particular time.

An easy solution to bypass a Geetst CAPTCHA, regardless of its protection level, is to use ZenRows, the most popular bypass tool compatible with any programming language.

How to bypass CAPTCHAs

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