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reCAPTCHA Enterprise

Get Rid of reCAPTCHA Enterprise in a Few Seconds

ZenRows bypasses the reCAPTCHA Enterprise in seconds, including all initial risk analyses and active challenges. Our tool uses AI and won't charge you for retrying your request.

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How to Bypass reCAPTCHA Enterprise

  1. Sign up on ZenRows.
  2. Make API requests with your target URL.
  3. Scrape CAPTCHA-protected pages.

Step 1: Get your free API key

Sign up on ZenRows, and you'll get your free API key and 1,000 API credits immediately.

Step 2: Make your reCAPTCHA Enterprise bypass request

Once signed up, you'll get to the Request Builder. To try it out, enter your target URL, activate the JS Rendering boost mode, add Premium Proxies, and select your favorite language. Then, click "Try it", and ZenRows will automatically bypass any anti-bots.

ZenRows Request Builder Page
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Did that work? Retry your request if needed, which is enough in 99.7% of the cases. For the rest, go to Settings → Integrations to pass the request to a human.

Step 3: Scrape all CAPTCHA-protected pages

Copy and integrate the generated code into your web scraper to extract content from more pages.

Bypass CAPTCHAs with any programming language

ZenRows works with all programming languages including: Python, JavaScript, PHP, C++, Java, C#, Go.

“ZenRows' anti-bot toolkit freaks me out. We scrape every site on the internet and have saved hundreds of developing hours.“
James Parker @Skyscanner
James Parker
Engineer @Skyscanner

About reCAPTCHA Enterprise

The reCAPTCHA Enterprise is part of Google's CAPTCHA services. It's a non-intrusive CAPTCHA that uses an adaptive risk engine and several challenges to protect websites against fraud and scraping activities. 

How reCAPTCHA Enterprise Works

reCAPTCHA Enterprise analyzes several metrics, including the user's platform, browser environment, and navigation behavior, to return a bot score (between 0 and 1). Scores closer to zero indicate high-risk activities, while those closer to one are low-risk and more likely to be from a legitimate user. Automated scripts, including web scrapers, will always present high-risk scores, and reCAPTCHA Enterprise helps the target website to block them effortlessly.

How CAPTCHA works

How reCAPTCHA Enterprise Detects Bots

reCAPTCHA Enterprise uses a bot score to detect bot-like activities. It filters requests behind the scenes by allowing only legitimate users (low-risk scores) and preventing those with malicious intents (high-risk scores). 

Detection Techniques CAPTCHA

reCAPTCHA Enterprise: Types of CAPTCHAs

Google's reCAPTCHA Enterprise doesn't show a physical puzzle. It responds to high-risk scores based on the blocking mechanism adopted by the protected website. This response might bring up a physical reCAPTCHA CAPTCHA, ban your IP address, request a 2-factor Authentication, or send you to a honeypot. Automated scripts like web scrapers don't pass the reCAPTCHA Enterprise bot score. So they get blocked before accessing the target data.

Types of CAPTCHAs

How to Solve reCAPTCHA Enterprise

The reCAPTCHA Enterprise is an improved version of Google's CAPTCHA services. Its challenges are more adaptive and impossible for bots to solve.

A lasting solution that works every time is to use ZenRows with your scraper and scrape any website without getting blocked.

How to solve CAPTCHAs

Bypass reCAPTCHA Enterprise

You might encounter the reCAPTCHA Enterprise CAPTCHA on any web page, including a contact form, purchase point, login forms, and more. Its response is swift and brutal for bots to bypass, blocking scrapers and other automated activities.

ZenRows is an all-in-one web scraping solution for bypassing the reCAPTCHA Enterprise and all sorts of CAPTCHAs, regardless of their complexity.

How to bypass CAPTCHAs
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