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Lemin CAPTCHA bypass

Get Rid of Lemin in a Few Seconds

ZenRows uses AI and other advanced evasion techniques to bypass the Lemin CAPTCHA in seconds, including visible and invisible types. Our tool is efficient and lets you retry unsuccessful requests for free.

Lemin Captcha Demo
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How to Bypass Lemin

  1. Sign up on ZenRows.
  2. Make API requests with your target URL.
  3. Scrape CAPTCHA-protected pages.

Step 1: Get your free API key

Sign up on ZenRows and instantly get your free API key with 1,000 API credits.

Step 2: Make Your Lemin bypass request

Signing up will take you to the Request Builder. Once there, enter your target URL, set the Boost mode to JS Rendering, activate Premium Proxies, and select your programming language. Click "Try it", and ZenRows will automatically bypass that anti-bot.

ZenRows Request Builder
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Did that work? Retrying your request is enough for 99.7% of the time. To scale your integrations, go to Settings → Integrations to pass the request to a human.

Step 3: Scrape all CAPTCHA-protected pages

Copy and integrate the generated code into your codebase to scrape more pages.

Bypass CAPTCHAs with any programming language

ZenRows works with all programming languages including: Python, JavaScript, PHP, C++, Java, C#, Go.

“ZenRows' anti-bot toolkit freaks me out. We scrape every site on the internet and have saved hundreds of developing hours."
James Parker @Skyscanner
James Parker
Engineer @Skyscanner

About Lemin

Lemin is a web security company that uses game-based CAPTCHAs to differentiate between human users and bots. Its goal is to make CAPTCHA super-fun for real users while making it difficult for automated scripts to solve.

How Lemin Works

Lemin displays CAPTCHAs as tasks, prompting the user to drag a missing object onto a broken spot on a tile to make a complete piece. These CAPTCHAs are easy for humans to solve because they only involve dragging and dropping. However, web scraping bots can't interact with such CAPTCHAs intuitively, causing them to get stuck on the challenge page. 

How CAPTCHA works

Detection Techniques Used by Lemin

Lemin primarily depends on its spontaneous CAPTCHA games to detect bot-like activities. It also monitors pointers like the user's mouse movement patterns while trying to drag objects across the screen, making the challenge more difficult for bots to break.

Detection Techniques CAPTCHA

Lemin: Types of CAPTCHAs

Lemin uses visible and invisible CAPTCHAs to test human interaction. A visible CAPTCHA is usually attached to a login or sign-up form, depending on the website. The invisible ones only appear when the user engages the website with an action like clicking a button. 

Types of CAPTCHAs

How to Solve Lemin CAPTCHAs

Lemin contains more than 5,000 CAPTCHA variations with unpredictable challenges that are practically impossible for bots to solve. 

ZenRows is all you need to solve the Lemin CAPTCHA without sweats. Integrate our web scraping solution with your web scraper today and scrape any Lemin-protected website without limitations.

How to solve CAPTCHAs

How to Bypass Lemin CAPTCHAs

Your web scraper will get stuck on the Lemin challenge page if you don't find a way to bypass the game CAPTCHA.

Integrating ZenRows, the most popular anti-bot bypass tool for any programming language, is the all-in-one solution for bypassing all Lemin CAPTCHA challenges.

How to bypass CAPTCHAs

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