Best Apify Alternative in 2023

An Apify alternative becomes mandatory when you get blocked by websites and are frustrated with the tool's betraying pricing. Many coders are switching to ZenRows for a reason.

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ZenRows puts simple terms on the table: Get the best toolkit to scrape any site on the internet, have developers on the other side of the line anytime, and be treated with transparent pricing. A delicious Apify alternative, right?
ZenRows and Apify comparison
Avoid Getting Blocked
Best-in-class Average
Premium Proxies
Included Excluded
Headless Browser
Yes Yes
24/7 by developers No technical knowledge
10 25
Headless browsers are managed by ZenRows Available
Pro Basic
Pre-built scrapers
Structured data for popular sites Paid extra, available for popular sites
Complete and with code snippets Scarce
No-code Integrations
Yes Yes, plus a webhook
Starting Plan
$49/month, all included $49/mo, but the real bill is higher and tricky to calculate
"ZenRows' anti-bot toolkit freaks me out. We scrape every site on the internet and have saved hundreds of developing hours."
James Parker @Skyscanner
James Parker
Engineer @Skyscanner

Built for your needs, at any scale

Get a complete solution that adapts to your web scraping needs, from individual developer to enterprise.


See it works on the web and integrate with any programming language in minutes. Smooth.


Scale up to millions of requests and get a high success rate. Get help anytime.


Your needs are met, and a dedicated account manager will be there for you. An easy Apify alternative.

A web scraping tool that works

Try ZenRows, the best all-in-one web scraping solution.

From developers to developers

Get support via chat by developers, 24/7, for all your questions. Still considering Apify alternatives?

Transparent pricing

Every penny is clear with ZenRows. Avoid surprises starting today.

Scrape without getting blocked

The more popular a website is, the more often advanced anti-bot systems it uses. But we're good at this game.

Avoid CAPTCHAs like a fox

A third of the top 100,000 internet sites use CAPTCHAs to prevent web scraping. Make them lose track of you.

Success rate touching the sky

Other web scraping tools might offer higher concurrency because they know they will fail a lot. We bring success to the table.

Amazing analytics

Enjoy the most advanced report dashboard to get a current and past overview.

Clapped support and documentation

Implemented in minutes with our beginner-tested documentation and ready code samples.
Get questions answered with a support 24/7. Find developers on the other side of the line.

Transparent Pricing

Pay only for successful requests For any company size Cancel anytime, no questions asked!
Pricing plan comparison

$49 /mo


$99 /mo


$249 /mo


$999+ /mo

API Credits
250k credits
Scrape 250k URLs or 10k heavily protected URLs
1M credits
Scrape 1M URLs or 40k heavily protected URLs
3M credits
Scrape 3M URLs or 120k heavily protected URLs
Concurrent Requests
10 25 50 Custom
AI Web Unblocker
Smart Rotating Proxies
Residential IPs
Datacenter IPs
IP Geo-targeting
190+ countries
JavaScript Rendering
Basic Basic Advanced Advanced
Alerts & Notifications
- -
Automatic Retries
Uptime Guarantee
99.1% 99.3% 99.6% 99.9%
Dedicated Support 24/7
Email Priority email Dedicated chat Account Manager
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