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Cloudflare Error 1015: What Is It and How to Avoid

April 11, 2023 ยท 3 min read

What is Error 1015 Delivered by Cloudflare?

Cloudflare Error 1015 comes up when a user exceeds the request rate limit in a specific period of time set by a server. That can happen when you use automation tools, like Selenium or Puppeteer, for web scraping. The server assumes you're trying to bypass its Cloudflare security based on the unusual request number and blocks you.

Let's see what you can do about that.

Error 1015
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How to Avoid Error 1015 from Cloudflare?

You can avoid Error 1015 from Cloudflare using different approaches. Here are three proven solutions:

1. Get Premium Proxies

A proxy server acts as an intermediary between you and your target website. By routing your requests through multiple proxies, you distribute traffic load across different IP addresses, seeming different users, and ultimately avoid Cloudflare Error 1015.

Since websites often detect and block free proxies (those hosted on shared data centers), consider premium proxies (ideally residential) to avoid that issue. Check out our web scraping proxy list to learn more about proxy types and the best providers.

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2. Rotate Headers

Headers sent alongside every HTTP request provide details and context about the sender to the web server. In web scraping, the User Agent (UA) string is the most important header as it informs the website of the sender's web client, operating system, and so on.

Cloudflare-protected websites use databases of bot-like User Agents to identify and block web scrapers. Also, they easily detect when multiple requests are made using the same User Agent. So, by rotating UAs, your requests will appear as if they're coming from different users, allowing you to avoid Cloudflare Error 1015.ย 

Also, ensure your UA strings are correctly formed and match the other headers for the best results. Check out our top list of User Agents to learn more and get some working examples.

3. Use a Web Scraping API

The previous solutions won't work for many websites. Moreover, implementing a proxy and HTTP header rotator may require a significant amount of code, expertise and budget to work at scale. On the bright side, you can use a web scraping API to avoid all that.

ZenRows is an anti-bot toolkit that allows developers to bypass Cloudflare and all challenges easily. Amongst other great features, it includes rotating premium proxies and auto-rotates your headers. Sign up to get 1,000 free API credits.

Frequent Questions

What Is Error Type 1015?

The error type 1015 is a Cloudflare-generated error that indicates that the website owner has implemented a request rate limit and you've exceeded it.

What Is Cloudflare Code 1015?

The Cloudflare code 1015 is an error message presented by Cloudflare to notify the website that a visitor has exhausted the allowed number of requests for a set time frame.

How Long Does Error Code 1015 Last?

The Cloudflare error code 1015 lasts depending on the website's owner's configuration. You'll be able to access the website after a few minutes in some cases, while your IP address may be permanently banned in other ones.

How Long Is a Rate Limit Ban by Cloudflare?

The length of the rate limit ban by Cloudflare is determined by the website's configuration. In some cases, it's permanent. However, you'll usually be able to access the website after a few minutes.

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