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Most Common HTTP Headers for Web Scraping

Discover the most common HTTP headers in web scraping that might be getting your requests blocked, and learn how to configure them to extract data below the radar.
March 6, 2023 · 10 min read

How to Bypass CAPTCHA with Puppeteer

Learn how to bypass CAPTCHA using Puppeteer and implement the tools that will help you get the job done to web scrape without getting blocked.
March 2, 2023 · 9 min read

How to Read robots.txt for Web Scraping

Follow this guide to understand how to read robots.txt files while web scraping so that you don't get blocked and comply with website rules.
February 21, 2023 · 5 min read

10 Best Java Web Scraping Libraries in 2024

What's the best Java web scraping library? Discover the tools that will help you scrape any web page in 2023 and see real examples.
February 15, 2023 (Updated: October 20) · 9 min read

15 Best Data Science Tools in 2024

Discover the best free and paid data science tools! We compared features, use cases, integrations, and more among the leading tools for data scientists.
February 12, 2023 · 16 min read

Web Scraping in C#: Complete Guide 2024

Get started with web scraping in C# following this step-by-step tutorial! Learn how to scrape a site with Html Agility Pack and Selenium libraries.
February 7, 2023 · 14 min read

How to Bypass Cloudflare in C#

Learn how to bypass Cloudflare in C# with this step-by-step guide and make your web scraping projects smoother.
February 2, 2023 · 5 min read

10 Best Data Extraction Tools for 2024

Discover the best data extraction tools and try the ones that will help you accomplish your goals! Also, learn about the different tool types and techniques.
January 30, 2023 · 8 min read

Puppeteer vs. Selenium: Which Is Better in 2024

Playwright vs Selenium: find out which web scraping browser is best for you, and learn how to scrape a web page with these browser automation tools.
January 27, 2023 (Updated: October 14) · 6 min read